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Cask #12 Resting Virginia Distillery CompanyJoin us on July 29th the experience the unique collaboration between our Chef Andy Shipman and the wonderful folks at the Virginia Distillery Company. Wine, whisky, farm-to-table food, what more could you want?

Start the evening with a unique signature cocktail and amuse bouche on the porch of the Farmhouse. Retire to the Garden House to enjoy Chef Shipman’s fabulous whiskey inspired menu paired with wine.



Free Union Grass Farm Whisky Barrel Stave Smoked Liver Pate, Cornbread Crouton, Peach Butter, Verjus Fresnos, Ancho Broth and Tangerine Sprouts

Paired with 2015 Viognier


Hanover Melon Salad, Local Spinach, Whisky Mustard, Hickory Syrup, Ham Emulsion, Basil Ice

Paired with 2015 Rose


Sherwood Filet Mignon over Grilled Nectarine-Corn Farro Salad, Baby Kale, Whisky-Bacon Jus, Annatto Oil

Paired with 2013 Petit Verdot


Peach Upside Down Cake, Whisky Syrup, Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Vanilla Crunch, Mint Oil

Paired with Virginia Highland Malt Whisky

$100 per person, tickets limited. Please visit click here or call (540) 456-8100 for reservations.


Growing Season

by Chef Cecily de la PenaPeppers

Summer is perhaps my favorite time of year.  From a culinary perspective, it is the season that most embodies simplicity.  There are few things in life that give greater satisfaction than the ability to pick something fresh and perfectly ripe from one’s own garden, prepare it in a simple way in order to maintain that ingredient’s flavor and integrity, and eat it immediately – perhaps al fresco, with friends.

At The Farmhouse, our own garden has begun to produce more than we know what to do with, from tomatoes to sweet corn to okra to freshly dug potatoes. In the summer and early autumn, it’s a privilege to have so much homegrown produce right at our fingertips and to be able to work with such extraordinarily fresh ingredients. And as a guest, it’s a truly unique experience to be able to dine in the Garden House during the warm summer months, overlooking the Farmhouse garden where so many elements of the meal are grown.

The incredible thing about Virginia, and in particular this area of Virginia, is the amazing abundance and variety of products that are available locally. Agriculture is the state’s largest single industry, and due to its relatively temperate climate and long growing season, Virginia is a state capable of accommodating an array of different fruits and vegetables.  In addition, Virginia boasts incredible wineries and breweries, cheese producers, artisanal butchers, bakeries, and innumerable other extraordinary local manufacturers.

What I love most about being a chef here is how passionate Virginia’s food, wine, and agricultural community is about what it does.  There is an inherent sense of responsibility among producers to create products of the highest quality, and in turn, consumers are particularly conscious of where their food comes from and treat it with corresponding respect.  Ours is an area defined by a rich culinary heritage, and a community with an ardent desire to remain true to its roots.  I think it is this sense of integrity, not to mention all of the incredible goods that are produced as a result of this attitude, which so draws people to this area.

Chef Andy and I fully embrace this philosophy at The Farmhouse at Veritas.  Emphasizing the concept of farm-to-table cooking, we strive year-round to create menus that showcase ingredients seasonally available in our area and products that are cultivated by local purveyors.  It is an exciting and extremely rewarding challenge, and one that we very much hope you can share with us!


I am embarrassed to say, that it has been brought to my attention that I have not posted in quite some time. Life here at the Farm has been crazy. Spring has sprung, and summer is well under way and the months keep passing by in the blink of an eye. I had a guest mention to me the other day that he hadn’t seen a post in quite some time, and it came to me… there are so many people at the Farmhouse who have incredibly wonderful and unique perspectives of life here in Virginia. Why do I have the be the only one who writes!? But who could possibly want to pour their thoughts onto a page about the mundane but beautiful happenings at Saddleback Farm?

Cue a girls night one summer afternoon recently: Chef Cecily and I were bonding over a bottle of Rose and and gorgeous sunset view when she mentioned to me that she’s writing a book! Writing a book? I thought to myself, what better way to hone her skills than to write a blog post or two. I mentioned it to her and her eyes lit up! I have found my second writer!

Chef Cecily has been with us for just over a year now, and besides her cheerful smile, good looks and delicious cooking, perhaps what I enjoy most about her is her appreciation and respect for simple, high quality ingredients. Also, she is actually obsessed (and when I say obsessed, I actually mean obsessed) with food, so it’s a good fit.

I hope you enjoy her thoughts. They truly make me smile.